Favourite Photogs: David Shale


I found David Shale‘s work through an interview with Popular Photography and was just fascinated. Once upon a time, way back when I was still in high school and more uncertain about what I wanted to ‘do with my life’ than I am now (terrifying, right?), I wanted to be a marine biologist. A little out of left field, I know, but the idea of being able to study the ocean and all the beautiful, and slightly scary, animals in it, fascinated me. As you know, that didn’t pan out (though, who knows) but I’m still drawn to anything that deals with the ocean and what lives in it. Which is probably why this grabbed my attention so much. Marine life, up close and vividly personal. Yes, please. 




To be honest, I’m not a big fan of animal photography. That series about that dog on stuff? Not really my jam. I don’t know why, but it’s just kind of weird to me and doesn’t generally make me stop in my tracks. But this, this definitely did. Maybe because a lot of marine life photography that I’ve seen is done, quite naturally, in the ocean, so it’s pleasantly different to see these animals lit up and popping against a black background. The photo above made me start when I clicked onto the slide, with the way that it looks as if it’s going to swim right out of the frame towards you.  While you can move land animals to various sets if you so choose, moving and photography sea animals tends to be a bit more complicated with the need for water being necessary and I think Shale does a wonderful job of working with that.




 Things I’m Loving:

+ This piece on one of my favourite players – (Because he deserves better.)
+ These fun photographs – (Of photographers being photographed.)
+ Mock ups I would buy in a heartbeat – (A few of my favourite things in one.)
+ On why losing is also important – (There can only be one winner, which leaves a lot of non-winners out there.)


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