Favourite Photogs: Ann He


Now, I don’t think I’m old, not by a long shot, but those moments when I stumble across work, amazing work, done by people even younger than me has me going, “Sweet baby Zeus I need to get my sh*t together.” Which was more or less what crossed my mind when I saw the work of Ann He.  An 18-year-old freshman at Stanford University, He has such a beautiful, whimsical, fairy-tale inspired style that I can’t help but absolutely love it. Especially since that style is presented through so many various platforms and using so many techniques. Which means I’m now going to disappear and go practicepracticepractice.








Things I’m Loving:

+ A summer look book – (I want everything.)
+ How to be a boss – (Love this advice.)
+ This summertime wallet – (I would use this all. the. time.)
+ Blueberry Basil Smash – (Because it’s Monday.)


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