Barcelona, Spain

Of Old Bullfights & Dr. Seuss


Alex arrived in Barcelona Tuesday evening and we spent the next few days exploring the city together. Wednesday we took the metro the Palau Nacional/Estadi Olímpic de Montjuïc  area. First we headed up to the top of Las Arenas, which is a bullring that’s been converted into a shopping centre with restaurants on top with an ah-ma-zing view of the city. (Also where I managed to trip over the protective wire at least half a dozen times while trying to…walk. I’d love to say ‘taking pictures’ but I wasn’t. I was just walking and the view distracted me. #klutzproblems)






How many pictures are too many pictures of columns? I don’t think I actually have an answer to this question because I have so. many. pictures. of these columns. I have no idea why, but I’m sure at the time it made sense.  The palace and olympic stadium area are….relaxing, for lack of a better word. There were barely any people when we were there and Alex and I just wandered up the stairs escalators (Alex was feeling lazy) and took in the view. Neither of us really felt like going inside a building with the weather being so nice outside, so we spent about an hour between the two areas before we decided to walk back to our hostel. Another thing: so much walking! Which is good for your creativity so yay!) IMG_0420







Parc Güell was exactly what I needed. I’ll admit that I was probably a little bit cranky at this stage of the travelling game. You know how it is: you meet people and stay up late because you’re on holiday, watch your team win the Copa del Rey and go out to celebrate, etc. But how cranky can a person stay when presented with this ridiculously stunning view of the city? Or with a group of amusing musicians alive with energy playing for us? Or seeing buildings that I’m pretty sure Dr. Seuss would approve of. (Seriously: does anyone else get Dr. Seuss-y vibes when looking at some of Gaudí’s work? Because I got hit with that full force while we were at Parc Güell and had to take a second to let that process.)










And yes, by the time we made it back to the hostel, I was back in a fantastic mood. It didn’t stand a chance against any of it, all those good things.


Thing I’m Loving:

+ Experiences vs. Things – (I like this idea. A lot.)
+ Indigo napkins – (So, so pretty!)
+ Princeton Privileged Kid – (For everyone. Really.)
+ Cold brew coffee – (With a fun twist.)



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