Madrid, Spain

Sunny Days Mean…


Sunny days mean: fresh orange juice. Six to make a full glass. The peels are stackable, three to a pile as you finish juicing them, one by one on the counter. Almost like a math equation. If you have six oranges and one glass, what do you get? A glass full of orange juice and four piles of juiced out peels. Math I like. 



Sunny days mean: El Retiro Park and sitting by the lake, watching rowers try and get themselves from one side to the other without bumping into anyone else. It means sitting in direct sunlight and unable to decide if you’re too hot or just hot enough. It’s moving to sit in the shade of the monument.



Sunny days mean: afternoon coffee on the back deck before spending the afternoon lying on the grass in the backyard, wearing sunglasses and telling yourself (and each other) you’ll roll out of the sun before you get a sunburn. That in five minutes you’ll head inside for sunscreen. That you probably shouldn’t be wearing a tank top but oh my goodness it’s warm enough so why not?

Sunny days in April mean that by the time June comes around, I’m probably not going to be able to stand the heat. Spanish problems, am I right?


Things I’m Loving:

+ A Minimalist Tote Bag – (For you DIYers out there.)
+ Cups with Faces – (How adorable are these?!)
+ Cheesy Tourists – (It’s alright to be one.)
+ Cotton & Flax – (I want these all over my future house.)


2 thoughts on “Sunny Days Mean…

  1. Jess A says:

    I love the sunshine, I’m so happy it’s finally making an appearance (after a sudden recurrence of snow) in Ontario. Warms my soul.

    I also really enjoy the article link to being a tourist; being cheesy and obviously tourist-like has always been part of the draw (heck, I would rock a fanny pack so hard on my next adventure).

  2. Maman Jac-o says:

    Finally someone who appreciates a fanny pack!! I get nothing but hassle from my family about the fanny pack I use on our trips:-( but it’s amazing & let me tell you, they’re happy to have access to the things inside of it!

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