Favourite Photogs: Alejandro M. Campos Herrera


This post came across my tumblr dash a few months ago and I couldn’t help but click to read the entire interview. Then I couldn’t help but go to the photographer’s tumblr. And well, then I couldn’t help being completely in awe. Domino affect, I guess we’d call this. But it’s one of the reasons I love the internet so much. One day you’re just going along, reblogging football images and gifs of Tom Hiddleston being adorable and you find something to fall in love with. Ah, the internet.






Alejandro M. Campos Herrera is a Mexican photographer who is basally my favourite thing since sliced bread at the moment. (I have a feeling I might say that about every photographer I have here? I guess that’s why this series is the ‘favourite photogs’ series, not that I’ve ever been really good at making up my mind.) Have I ever mentioned that I like photos of details? I can’t remember if I have or not, but if I haven’t, here it is: I like photos of details. Of up close and personal. It’s like a puzzle piece of a bigger picture, a bigger story and you could probably live without it and see just the whole thing, but there’s just that something about having those detail shots in there. An extra, “Ahhhh,” to be had.







Herrera has a background in architecture and I think it might be my favourite background for photographers to have. Maybe it’s the case of admiring something in others that you struggle in or know that you can’t do nearly as well. (And by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’, obviously.)  But he has an amazing eye for lines and shapes and how all these things intersect. (Also all his lines are straight which is a thing I’m forever struggling with. You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard and yet they’re always just a little off.)







All those elements of design seem to continually come together in his photography. Lines and colour and shape all come together in his photos and create all these little moments, these stories that grab your attention. The best part is: it doesn’t just grab it and let it go, his photography holds you, too. Every time I’m on his tumblr, I can’t help but continue to scroll through for as long as I can, looking through all his photos. Definitely worth the time to do so.




Things I’m Loving:

+ The Art of Photojournalism – (And how it’s changed over the last 10 years.)
+ Road Trip Reads – (For anyone looking for a new book.)
+ Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas – (How good does that sound?!)
+ Blackberry Basil Fizz – (For a start-of-the-week drink.)


2 thoughts on “Favourite Photogs: Alejandro M. Campos Herrera

  1. Hey there. I, as the narcissist selfish person that I am (ok, I’m just kidding here),I was googling my name just minutes ago since it’s a habit I’ve developed over these past months. It was such a nice (ok, amazing) surprise having come across this post of yours. I am so thankful for the words, the selection, and everything else. I’ve always said it’s my duty to show my beautiful country to those abroad, I’ve been so extremely lucky to have gained a receiving audience who’ve always (ok, most of the times) liked what I do and encourage me to keep at it. Now, the important question, are you on Tumblr too? ‘Cause I gotta follow you 🙂
    Thanks, and have a great day!

    • Hey Alejandro!
      I’m really glad that you a.) found this post, b.) liked it and c.) decided to comment. It actually means a lot to me that you did that. You really have done such a good job at showing off Mexico and I was more than happ to share your work with others. 🙂 I’m also on tumblr, which you can find here: Again, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂



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