Madrid, Spain

Indoor Weather


Remember when I shared those pictures of the great weather we were having? Apparently mother nature heard I was bragging and put a damper on that. (Literally.) We’ve gone from hot and sunny to cold and windy. Not that that’s really stopped my friends and I from heading out and about. Hanna and I headed out and we finally made it to Atocha, with it’s indoor forest and turtles. Obviously forests and turtles make any grey, rainy day much better. 




The Reina Sofia‘s free on Sundays and we spent the better part of the afternoon/evening roaming the never ending series of halls. I also remembered that modern art is very rarely my jam. But it was still wonderful and inspiring.




Post-museum coffee and sandwiches in a bar with fun tiles. On our way out, we saw this building and I let out a small yelp of excitement because buildings guys. Our new friends looked at me quite oddly because apparently it’s weird to get excited over buildings, but I just smiled and made my way up the street. I mean really: how cool is that building?


Things I’m Loving:

+ This kids’ room – (Actually jealous of the under five year old set.)
+ This album – (Great for this weather.)
+ These cupcakes – (Are everything I want from life.)
+ This book – (Sounds super interesting.)


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