Favourite Photogs: Stephanie Gonot


You can tell Stephanie Gonot is a little cheeky just by looking at her About Me page on her website. Her photo is of her on the phone, a Ring Pop on four of her fingers. Already that makes me want to be her best friend, or at least see if she’ll sit down and talk with me. Then I get to looking through her images and guys. I mean, look at the above picture. She has people, in amazing blue pants, stomping all over food. This is photography I can get behind.






I know that these are an ad campaign for shoes, but look at them. Not only do we have this adorable kid in dirty pants, but we have primary colours, we have fruit, we have popsicles and chairs doing impossible tricks. This is photography that is fun and creative and doesn’t just looking at it make you feel happier and want to smile at that grumpy person across from you? Or go out and buy these shoes because you know your life will be 1345780493% better if you have them in your life? (No? Just me? Well then.)







I love the pattern, the bizarre use of props, the way we have burgers and palm trees and ketchup not making a mess everywhere. We have food that doesn’t make any sense together (hello there carrots and chocolate and….push pins?), we have things that make so much sense together (looking at you, lipstick and candy canes) and we have my lunch most days (if you guessed the wine and keyboard, you would be correct). Her photography reminds me of Joy the Baker‘s blog posts, actually, in that they’re fun and colourful and I want to keep looking at them and can’t wait to see more.  Maybe also because they both have food, but I digress. Seriously, check out her images. They’ll make you feel happy and maybe make you scratch your head, but in a good, “I never thought of that,” kind of way.

Things I’m Loving: (App Edition)

+ Afar 
+ BlaBlaCar
+ Evernote
+ Pocket
+ Found


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