Madrid, Spain

Saturday Wander Pt. I


I’ve mentioned before how I like doing things by myself, but that I haven’t really been doing that so much lately. So while everyone was sleeping off hangovers Saturday afternoon, I made my way into Madrid for some exploring and photo taking. While the weather wasn’t the best, compared to the weather we’ve been having, it was still nice and when the wind died down, warm. While I was still an awkward duck while ordering a coffee and banging my knees and bag on everything (there’s no half way with me. I’m either cool as ice and just glide on in or else I’m tripping over everything and not in a cute, dorky way, either.), it was refreshing and something I’ll be putting more effort into doing more often. 



I’ve passed by this hotel a couple of times and the sign kills me.




I found a Taste of America in the area and found Cream Eggs (my favourite Easter treat!) and Betty Crocker icing and instant oatmeal. Except at 8€ a box, it did not happen.




I stopped offhere for coffee and brioche. It was delicious and the cafe is the definition of ‘quaint’.






Obviously some of my favourite things are buildings. And doorways. Patterns. The great thing about walking by yourself is that there’s no one to tell you to hurry up. You can take as long as you want to observe all the little details and notice the things that make a place so unique from everywhere else. One street can be so opposite from the one you just walked down and it doesn’t even have to be in all the big, obvious things, but the small details, like stickers and curtains and colours.

Things I’m Loving:

+ 100 Happy Days – (Going to give this a shot.)
+ Concussions and the other football – (Sports and brain injuries.)
+ Real Life Fictional Trips – (Which fictional trip would you take?)
+ Covers – (Of some of your favourite songs.)


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