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Spicy Vegetable Ramen


I’ve been craving ramen noodles for ages now. It was out of the blue, just hit me that, “Yes! Ramen noodles! Make it happen!” Which I did. Then I hit up some of those million posts that are floating out there about how to amp up your lunch if you’re one of us who stay at home. From there I just did my own thing, dug around the fridge for things I could stick in it and improvised with what I had. Improvising is fun! There’s something about finding an unexpected combination and taste tasting something you’ve thrown together that makes you go, “Wow!” that’s just really fun for me. Also about using up food already in your refrigerator. Yes, good, bonus! 




The only thing was that, I wanted to make this colourful. And in the end, it was a lot of green, green, green. Well, varying shades, I’ll give it that, but still: green. I would love to toss in some orange or yellow peppers, give it some extra pop of colour, some extra texture. Plus it would add a little bit of sweet to the spicy, even it out a bit. Of course, I’m a spicy fan, so no real complaints, just variety! Something different, something new!  But, what I had was asparagus, cucumbers, garlic, leek, corn and hot sauce. And I made it work. Some people like egg with their ramen, and while I love eggs, for some reason the idea just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe another time I’ll get adventurous and throw one in there. What the heck!




While there’s no real sweet in here, the cucumber balances out that spicy, the corn provides colour, a bit of a pop! as you bite down, the asparagus was just overall delicious. Best eaten with a tall glass of milk (or is that just me?) and basking in the big patch of sun that always hits the dining room table just as lunchtime rolls around. Funny how it works out that way.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Indie Press Cheat Sheet – (If you’re looking for something new to read.)
+ This adorable clutch – (For those of you who sew.)
+ This outfit – (I’d wear it every day if I could.)
+ The MLS 2014 kits – (Making everyone else step up their game.)


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