Favourite Photogs: Paul Paxford


I linked back to Paul Paxford‘s site ages ago, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have him in the ‘Favourite Photogs’ list. If you hadn’t caught on by now, I kind of really like football. (Or soccer. It totally depends which continent we’re on. Or which team we’re talking about. I have a system in place, ok?) At Pitch Side Photo, Paxton does an amazing job of capturing non league football. And I do mean amazing.  Even though these matches might not take place in big stadiums or in front of roaring crowds, he makes this simplicity a good thing, an intimate and warm thing and shows us just how dramatic and heartfelt football at this level is. 













There’s also so much more freedom that Paxton is allowed shooting non league football than he would have if he were shooting bigger, grander teams. The ability to wander around the pitch, to get down low, the drama of using the sun, the natural elements that the players aren’t protected from, the few stadium lights that there are, is something that can’t happen elsewhere. Also getting to see the stands and the fans that come out to cheer on these sides brings something else to his work.  There’s a sense of community, with the lawn chairs, the homemade banners, the kids on benches, that makes its appearance in these photographs that makes a person stop and go, “This is football,” after you’ve been swept away by the bigger leagues and you just want to realign yourself with that feeling that football gives you.

Things I’m Loving:

+ 22 Strong Females in Literature – (Seeing Sabriel on that list made me so happy, I can’t even describe! That series was/is one of my favourites.)
+ 50 Photography Quotes to Inspire You – (Who doesn’t love a good quote or two?)
+ Decoupage Chairs – (I want to make these for my future home.)
+ Bringing Down Bebe – (An opposite to the ‘Bringing Up Bebe” fangirling.)


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