Madrid, Spain

This Here Be Picnic Weather


I don’t know about you guys, but my first instinct when nice weather shows up is to be outside as much as humanely possible. Which means I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing food from the fridge, throwing something together and heading to the park for a picnic at the last minute. That’s my favourite thing about picnics, really: how uncomplicated they are. Seriously, this is not a thing you can mess up. Is it food? Is it still edible? Can you eat it with your hands and/or very few utensils? Is it shareable? If it falls into any/all of these categories, guess what? You can take it on a picnic!



Most of the time we grab meat, cheese, something to drink, fruit. In that top picture I did go to the effort of making ramen noodles with beef and vegetables because I was craving it something fierce that day, but most of the time it’s all grab and go. Pick up some fresh bread from one of the many, many places around here that make their own bread and bam! You’re ready to picnic with the best of them. Sure, you can plan a picnic and that’s great and wonderful and definitely just as fun, but there’s something about the impromptu picnic, where it’s all last minute and you meet up an hour later, after the laundry’s been hung to dry in the sun and you’re spread out on a scarf that actually looks more like a blanket that just feels different. Of course, we topped our picnic off with a nap in my backyard because yes: it is that nice out.



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2 thoughts on “This Here Be Picnic Weather

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    While we didn’t have a picnic, we DID build a fire in the portable pit & roast hot dogs for Seba’s bday party. Nothing tastes better than a weenie cooked over an open fire…even if you are wearing mitts & toques!!

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