Orange Squeeze


I’m an orange juice drinker. Scratch that. The entire sentence. I love oranges. Cut into quarters for a snack. Picking out all the orange flavoured gummies out of whatever bag they’re currently contained in. If you’re letting me pick, I’ll choose the orange sucker out of the bunch, thankyouverymuch. There was even a time, when I was shorter than I currently am and wore a green shirt with a tomato wearing sunglasses, where my pop of choice was orange crush. But, out of all things orange, my favourite has to be orange juice. (Cue back that first sentence.) 



So when a bag of oranges appeared during the bi-weekly shopping excursion, my first reaction was, obviously, to whip out the juicer and make myself a tall glass. (I do have 1.5L juice boxes in the pantry but those are for when the actual oranges run out.) Normally I pace myself and go for a smaller glass, but I just couldn’t resist having a real treat with lunch. Naturally, since it’s been so nice out, said lunch was eaten out in the back yard, smack dab in the middle of the sun, while sporting sunglasses and drinking the equivalent of sunshine in a glass. (Also: I have absolutely no idea what the knife is doing in the last picture and have no recollection of turning it. No worries: I was not harmed in the taking of these photos or the making of the juice. In case you were wondering.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ A Curious Invitation – (A book on the 40 greatest parties in literature. How neat!)
+ Homemade Wonton Soup – (I cannot say, “YES!” to this enough.)
+ 8 Ways to Show Anyone You Care – (Sending letters and cooking are my favourite.)
+ How to Have a Great Life Without Spending – (There is nothing I don’t love about this post.)


One thought on “Orange Squeeze

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    So we now have BRIGHT sunshine in this part of the world…but definitely not what you’re experiencing.
    Juice looks yummy:-)

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