Madrid, Spain

SURPRISE! (Birthday Party)


“Oh my goodness! You finally showed up!” were the first words I heard as I approached the statue next to the lake in El Retiro park. “We’ve been waiting for ages!” The last bit was half lost as my friends started singing Happy Birthday and I saw the steps covered with cake and sandwiches and chips and basically everything anybody has ever needed to a birthday party.DSC05550















I’ve never had a surprise birthday party before. Nor have I really known anyone to have a surprise birthday party and have never been entirely sure how something like that is pulled off. That morning at our twice a week coffee language exchange, Alex offered a half hearted, “Yeah, I guess I’ll come to the park with you and Hanna this afternoon.” He later told me he was thisclose to saying, “C’mon Amielle, we both know you know.” Which I’m glad he didn’t because I didn’t and it was something to know that my friends had been willing to put the time and effort into it.  So we spent the afternoon eating and I opened a lovely new scarf with birds on it from my friends and a package from back home with hot chocolate and an Archie comic inside and even with the cool wind the sun was shining and my friends were there and it was just really, really lovely.

(My camera’s currently having an extended stay at a friend’s house, so I snagged these from my friend’s camera and HOPEFULLY I will have mine back by the end of this week! I’ve missed taking pictures.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ My Mad Fat Diary – (Watched all eight episodes in a day. SO GOOD.)
+ Unlikely simultaneous historical events – (Who doesn’t love fun facts?)
+ Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits – (These look so delicious!)
+ What makes your heart beat? – (This is such a beautiful video.)


4 thoughts on “SURPRISE! (Birthday Party)

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Sounds like you had fun. So glad people were there to help make the day special…though, must’ve been someone pretty special who sent you hot chocolate & an Archie comic;-)

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