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[about today]


Today was opening the mailbox and finding letters from my Grandma and my sister tucked safely inside, right on time for my birthday. It was watching Corner Gas and eating nachos with a friend I haven’t spent time with in what feels like forever. It was almost missing the bus but running the last block and catching it just as it was ready to pull away again and there’s something about getting on a bus that you really shouldn’t have made that just feels good

It was bacon and eggs and Spanish lesson and coffee with friends afterwards, stealing part of Alex’s toast. I finally bought a birthday card for my sister, late, and writing a reply to a letter my little brother wrote me a few weeks ago, googling Ben 10 and drawing something for him because we don’t have colouring pages and I wanted to make it special.  It was thinking over the argument I had with someone important over the weekend in between happy moments and having a knot twist up in my stomach because I don’t know, I’m unsure. It was letting go of a silly mistake and really accepting that bad things happen, unlucky things happen and no one got hurt and it’s easy enough to fix and even though it still sucks, it’s not worth the stress I’ve given it.

Today was sunny and bright and felt like spring heating up to summer, something I’m not used to but that’s okay because it’s still good. Today was the last day I was 21 and nothing will dramatically change when it switches over to tomorrow and I will still over think and be unsure about clicking ‘send’ on pitches and have sleepless nights over ‘what next’ and will probably end up having streaks of bad luck and losing things, but today was good. And really, that’s all that really matters.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This magazine – (Because you know I need another footie magazine in my life!)
+ These mugs – (For being pretty and easy to make.)
+ These pants – (They’re on my ‘to buy’ list.)
+ This site – (Because seeing gear and photos is actually ridiculously fun!)


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