Good Things

Good Things



1. Yesterday it was +17 (Celsius) and Lauren and I spent the day hitting up famous spots in Madrid for my Flat Stanley project.
2. We went out for dinner last weekend and it was delicious.
3. Words of encouragement and a replacement drivers licence and transport abono in the mail this week. Made me smile.
4. Finally got my hands on soy milk and I’d forgotten how delicious it is!

Things I’m Loving:

+ Foreign Romance Films – (In honour of Valentine’s Day.)
+ Roads & Kingdoms – (An awesome travel journalism site. Check it out!)
+ The Debrief – (For 20-something women. Also amazing, also check it out.)
+ Raspberry Slab Pie – (How delicious does that just sound?!)


2 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    +17C?!?!?! Try -43C! Am looking forward to Vegas:-)

    Isn’t your brother just the cutest thing? He came up with that letter all on his own. Makes me want to swish his face on your behalf;-)

    Interesting how you put your two pictures together. You can tell that your driver’s licence is from a few years back.

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