Favourite Photogs: Dustin Aksland

aksland_willis_earl_beal_2Awhile back in my ‘Things I’m Loving” I linked to Popfoto, a site for photographers on photography. One of the main things they do is interview other photographers, which I absolutely love. It’s so interesting to read about how other people got to where they are and what influences and inspires them.  Included in the interview, of course, is a preview of the photographer’s work. I love the format because it mixes words and breaks up what could just be an endless stream of photography and helps put some of it into context. I’ve had Dustin Aksland‘s interview in my tabs for what feels like ages (it’s only been a few days), but I’m really glad I finally sat down and read it.

Weekend Friday-Home Front



To  be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely sold on the first few photos that they had selected.  And then I hit the photos of Ujin Lee and Willis Earl Beal and something clicked.  So then I slowly scrolled down and looked at the photos there and then headed to his website and took a look and I really started to like it. Those first few photos still don’t appeal to me and I can’t quite explain why, but the rest of them I enjoyed looking at.  Whenever I think about light, I think about our lighting teacher, Bill, and how he would talk about it. I’ll look up and the sun will be shining just right or hitting someone’s face at the perfect angle and I can hear his voice in my head going, “Beautiful, gorgeous light.”  Which is also what popped into my head as I was looking at Aksland’s photography.


Weekend Friday-Home Front


Weekend Friday-Home Front


I’m a big fan of natural light, for a lot of the same reasons that Aksland mentions in his interview.  Knowing how to set up lights is, of course, very important, but also being able to take advantage and use the available light is also a skill that I appreciate. I’m especially drawn to it in his travel photos. The way it could wash out the entire photo and yet with all the brightness, there’s still so much colour and life and vibrancy left. Something that’s amazing considering the palettes in those photos are beige and sandy.  I also admire how well he moves between coloured photography and black and white. I don’t do any B&W photography, so I admire those people who are comfortable moving between the two.  His website is definitely worth looking through and if you have the time, read his interview/check out the site. So many interesting things to see/learn!





Things I’m Loving: 

+ The language game – (How well do you know your languages?)
+ Why writers are the worst procrastinators – (All I have to say is: #aboutme.)
+ Medal envy – (Canada is kicking tail. They also have a beer fridge! My kingdom for a beer fridge.)
+ Stock photos helping us change how we look at women – (SO GOOD!)


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