Madrid, Spain

Bikes & Bars


This cafe has a bicycle hanging from the ceiling and all your arguments are invalid. All other places better step up their decor, because this takes it to a different level.  Also: I should really start working on putting together ‘a guide to Madrid’ type of thing. (Sandra Juto’s Berlin and Gothenberg guides seem like good inspiration. Any other guides you’d suggest?)  Toma is my (new) favourite place to stop for coffee and Dubliners is where we stop at least once during the weekend, for a drink or two and some football. 














Things I’m Loving:

+ Canadians preparing for the Olympics – (Great non-action photos.)
+ How When Harry Met Sally explains inequality – (Interesting.)
+ Why young people can’t get jobs – (To be honest: I’m not really surprised.)
+ Corruption in Sochi – (So you can have all your facts. And then some.)


9 thoughts on “Bikes & Bars

    • My friends nabbed my camera and I couldn’t say no. They’re so much fun to watch as they play around with it. 🙂

      I would LOVE to show you around! I’m a bit bummed because, in the year plus that I’ve been away from home, no one’s come to visit me and let me show them around. I really want to do that!

      • I totally understand. I live in freaking NY and NO ONE has come to visit me.

        I just don’t know when I will actually be able to do it. 😦

      • I would TOTALLY love to visit you, I hope you know that!

        Well, I’m thinking that I might be coming baaaaack next January to teach English, SOOOO. Come visit me then. 🙂

      • Nothing is sure, yet, but it’s definitely something I’m seriously looking at. I’m already starting to do private English classes (crossing my fingers they stay!) and got some info from some people already doing it and it sounds like a pretty good deal for a year and a half. I don’t think I’d want to live in Madrid longterm, but I also don’t think I’m quite ready to leave. 🙂

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