Madrid, Spain

Hanging Jamón & Tiny Service Stations


Last week Alex gamely came along with me to look for an address on a cheque (that we never found) and was his cheerful self as we continued to lose and find ourselves in the business district. We stopped for lunch at Museo del Jamón, where I had croquettas for the first time in a long time. Since it was such a nice, sunny day out, we decided to walk most of the way back down to Conde de Casal before we had to catch the bus back. 









Things I’m Loving:

+ Long Distance Friends – (Seems to sum mine up fairly well.)
+ Me about people – (So accurate it hurts.)
+ Female poets – (That everyone should check out.)
+ These photos of winter – (Because even if everyone calls me crazy, I do really miss snow.)


7 thoughts on “Hanging Jamón & Tiny Service Stations

    • My mother judges me every time I say it, but I do miss having a ‘proper’ winter. I mean, I am grateful that I haven’t had to shovel myself out of my house or anything, but I’m so used to it and actually like winter that not having one has been tougher than I figured it would be!

      • I actually do understand the sentiment, but this winter has been relentless. Honestly, one of the worst I can ever remember. My soul is DYYYYYYYING.

      • That is true. There is only so much a person can take. But it’s not the same, curling up with a tea or a book with no snow outside.

      • I don’t need snow to do that, just cold weather. I’d prefer the scenario without the snow. 😉

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    You two can quit any time now!! It’s been INSIDE RECESS since the first week of DECEMBER!! There’s nothing romantic about snow, cold temperatures & insane wind chill!#%*$%

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