Introducing: Sailor

Sailor_finalThis has been sitting on my desktop for months. Just this. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. A name, a tagline, a somewhat edited cover that I’m actually quite fond of and that went through more revisions that you would probably believe.  A million mistakes went into this (the biggest one being: I didn’t save various edits as separate .psd docs and had to completely redo it. More than once. I feel there’s a lesson to be learned about the fact that I have a hard time learning the first time, but I digress.) and I am ridiculously proud of it, but also: I haven’t continued.  Partly because I don’t know exactly what I want from/for it and that stresses me out a little bit, but also because I don’t know if I can do this (whatever this turns out to be).

However, with my word of the year being ‘proactive’ and being tired of seeing this just sitting there, not being completed, I’ve decided to go back and keep working on it. I have a bit of a plan. I’ve sketched things out at 3am when I couldn’t sleep and made lists of ideas and places and food and things I’ve done to include. Lots of it is imagined in my head and it gets me excited, but that only goes so far. So I’m going to take all those things in my head and finish up Sailor. I’ll be posting bits and pieces here as I complete and am excited and frustrated in turns about it and how it’s going (or, not going).

But, what is it? Over the summer, after picking up some really neat, simple guides in Copenhagen and Stockholm, I got the idea of doing something similar with the places I’ve been and things I’ve done over the last year. Partly as a way to cohesively put things together in a ‘finished product’ but also as a way to exercise and expand my various skills. A win/win situation. Now, to actually getting to that winning factor of that situation by actually completing it. I’m hoping by posting it here, I’ll know that other people will wondering (hopefully!) what’s going on with the project and I’ll be pushed to continuing to finish it. So, here’s to me continuing to push myself and to completing things!

Things I’m Loving: 

+ Why being bored is good for you – (Just in case you were worried.)
+ 30 Things That Stress Out Journalists – (Aka: reasons why journalists drink so much.)
+ My Job Search – (About being a 20-something looking for work.)
+ Dill Pickle Soup – (I need this. Now.)


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