Hello, 2014 (part ii)

2014Even though I told myself (and you guys) that I’m keeping my resolutions to just words, I got to thinking how I wanted those words to look, how I wanted them to be turned into actions. So I made up this list of five (and a bonus sixth) ways that I’d like to see them reflected into my 2014. 

01. commit to myself: This originally appeared third on the list and then I paused and realized that that wasn’t going to fly and bumped it right up to the top. I’m using the word ‘commit’ to mean a whole bunch of stuff. Such as ‘trust’, ‘respect’, ‘support’, ‘be kind to’, ‘appreciate’. I have had several good ideas get tossed to the side the last few months for reasons I thought were valid (I didn’t have enough time, I couldn’t handle such projects by myself and no one else would help me out, I didn’t have the knowledge to do it well). Except those aren’t reasons. They’re excuses. All of those are things that were either a.) not true, in the least or b.) fixable if I put my mind to it and worked at it. There are so many abandoned projects that could be something, if only I could commit to myself and my desire to complete them.

02. take more photos:  I should also have added ‘take more and better photos’. Because just ‘more’ isn’t necessarily going to get me anywhere. ‘Better’ will. Adding the two of them together will do wonders. I’m taking notes from this and will be pushing myself to try new things and improve my photography this year, something I feel I haven’t really done since I finished PhotoJ almost two (!!!) years ago.

03. read & write:  If you had known me between the ages of about eight to 20, you wouldn’t have been able to find me book free. I carried one with me everywhere. I read and I read and I read. Even when I probably shouldn’t have been. (Looking at you, math class. Also: physics class.) I read a ridiculous amount of books every year and it wasn’t an effort, it wasn’t something I had to put my mind to, never mind write down on a list. Yet, moving abroad has made that a bit more difficult. I don’t like reading books on my laptop and buying them will mean I have a.) spend money I don’t necessarily have and b.) take up space I definitely don’t have. There are libraries but I’ve been a bit too scared of the language barrier to go check them out. That will change. I miss reading and I know it would do wonders for me if I got back into it. Same with writing. I would fill notebooks upon notebooks and I loved it. Writing has always been something I want to have be part of my career and yet it’s something I’ve almost stopped doing. No more!

04. be healthy:  I have been telling myself for months that I’ll get a membership to the pool that’s a ten minute bus ride away. And I still haven’t. Twice a week, for three months, 50€. That’s something I know I can commit to. Something I want to commit to. Swimming is peaceful for me, it helps me sort out my thoughts and figure things out. Kind of like an extended shower, really. Just more exercise and the water is meant to be freezing when you jump in. I’ve also been suggesting to myself that maybe it’s time to take up some yoga. On the off days from the pool. Stretching, meditating, breathing. Things I need more of in my life. (Maybe it’ll help the jaw clenching I’ve been doing lately, de-stressing.) And go back to the things I love: fruits and vegetables. Lots more fruits and vegetables. For breakfast and snacks and dessert. Things I know I should do and for some ridiculously absurd reason I just don’t do.

05. be positive:  I mentioned in my round up post of 2013 that I tend to be on the negative side of the whole equation. While I’m not expecting myself to turn into a bouncing ray of sparkles and sun and sugar, being a little more positive probably won’t have any negative side effects. I’m sure my mother would appreciate it if our Skype calls were a little less a litany of things going wrong and more a grateful list of things going right. (To be honest, I’d probably enjoy it a little more as well.)

bonus: I probably should have crossed out ‘wallet’ and just put in ‘stuff’. I’m crossing my fingers and praying to Saint Anthony that my wallet ends up at the Canadian embassy (again!) because I’m rather fond of it and will be attaching it to my purse with a chain so this never. happens. again. (Also could probably just rephrase the entire sentence and put in, ‘Stop having my stuff stolen,” which feels like that should translate to the general, “Be more careful.”)

So here’s to an exciting and adventurous new year and everything it will bring!

Things I’m Loving:

+ Sexiest TV Journalists – (Because even journalists can be sexy.)
+Oh, and sexiest sports journalists in LA – (See above.)
+ The Electric Typewriter – (Because I should be reading more and this is amazing.)
+ Signs of Adulthood – (AKA: a post about me)


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