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13 Moments from 2013

titleIt’s that time where we round things up, count things down, make new promises to ourselves and welcome the new year. Every Christmas my mom mails out one of those yearly round ups, a mini paragraph for each member of the family, and, I have to say, seeing my year through her eyes opened mine up a little bit. I have had what can only be described as an amazing year. It was everything 15 year old me could have wanted and so, so much more.  








I have an unfortunate habit of focusing a little too much on the negative things that have happened, though, as this year has progressed (and with the help of my lovely mother) I’ve stopped seeing them as so much ‘negative’ and rather as ‘unfortunate things that add spice to life and will make a good story later’. From that time we literally had to run to catch the train in Linkoping to that time I actually missed my bus to get to San Sebastian to that unfortunate moment when I broke the car topper and got the car stuck over a small river to having my wallet stolen (twice!) and my cellphone pickpocketed to falling apart in front of a security guard because I had no money and had snuck onto the metro and didn’t have a ticket to get off, all these things, while they caused a lot of frustration (ugh, especially that whole wallet deal happening again!), they are good stories, they are things that have shown me how resourceful I can be and how I can make it through all these things.

In the last twelve months I’ve lived in France and moved to Spain. I’ve visited four different countries (Czech Republic, England, Sweden, Denmark) and various (major) cities within. I’ve worked hard on my French and started learning Spanish. I’ve seen close friends and made new ones. I’ve eaten a ridiculous amount of good food and drunk a wonderful amount of wine. I’ve gone from watching one professional football match while living in Canada to watching five in this last year, one for my birthday and through a ridiculous snow storm and two in that famed Bernabeu. I’ve missed home so much it hurts and I’ve been so, so thankful of the wonderful opportunities that have allowed me to be able to miss it that much. I’ve gone from living in small town Saskatchewan my whole life to conquering the metro in Madrid (!!!) and cursing those people who don’t know how to properly use an escalator. I have continued to find the value of good postal service and letters in my mailbox and am grateful for those people in my life who continue to fill it. I’m thankful for all of you who have started and continue to read my blog and am hopeful that this next year will bring more adventures.

So here’s to last year, with all it’s bumps and bruises and low points and times when I wanted to just stop. And to it’s sky scraping high points when I didn’t know if I could get any happier or if I wanted to be anywhere else, doing anything else. For those moments of clarity and, equally, the moments of confusion. For never being more difficult than I could ever handle and rewarding me all those times when I kicked butt. And here’s to next year, with all the times when I’ll want to just stop and give up and all those moments when I’m thankful I didn’t. For all the new adventures I’m sure are waiting and all the moments that will make me grateful to be alive. I’m ready for you!

Things I’m Loving:

+  Top 10 of 2013 – (Fun DIYs to start off your new year.)
+ An essay on Doctor Who – (All about how the 11th Doctor needed more love.)
+ Where you feel emotions in your body – (Really interesting!)
+ A comic illustrating double standards for women – (To help you figure it out.)
+ A fun resolutions exercise – (For those of you/us who haven’t gotten to it yet.)


7 thoughts on “13 Moments from 2013

  1. This post is so beyond lovely, I have such warm and fuzzy and proud feels!! Here’s to only the best for next year. DING DONG, 2013 IS (ALMOST) DEAD!!

    Also, another friend of mine linked that article about Who. Dear god, that last episode was awful. How can Moffatt have written such brilliant episodes, yet be such a terrible showrunner?? I hope Capaldi’s era pulls it out for him.

    And that heat map is AMAZING.

    • Awww, thanks sweetie. That means so much to me! ❤ And here's to us and a wonderful 2014.

      I actually haven't seen the latest Who episode. I think I'm saving myself from that heartache but I know I have to watch it soon! I have such mixed feels on Moffatt. I think I need to re-watch new Who and get more of a feel from 9 til 12. I do think 11 had so much more potential than what they gave him. -sigh-

      Makes you think, eh?

  2. Megan :) says:

    This post gave me chills! I’m so glad you can experience all that you are, and I love reading about it!

    • Awww thanks so much! I really am thankful for everything I’ve gotten to experience this year. I can’t wait to see what else there is! Happy New Year!

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  4. Maman Jac-o says:

    You sound so grown up…we are very proud of you! Glad you finally got your card/letter…isn’t it an amazing family?!
    See, you’re still “with us”;-)

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