Christmas Mice


Almost every ornament on my family’s Christmas tree has a story behind it. There’s the wreaths made out of dyed bow tie noodles that have pictures of my sisters and I when there were only three of us. The three or four of my face through various years of elementary school. The one my brother got from his god parents for his first Christmas. The Mickey Mouse shaped ones we brought back from Florida when we went in 2008. Everyone has a couple that they specifically hang up every year, for whatever reason it may be. One of my favourite ornaments is one I made way back when I was in grade two or three. My school had an evening for families to come and there were activities and one of them were these baby mice. 

IMG_9299 IMG_9303I really don’t know why I love them so much, but I do. The family here has a bowl of nuts, including the ones that the baby mice on my tree back home are made of, so I decided to get a little crafty and try and replicate them. I was a little short on supplies (hot glue gun, cotton ball for the body, felt for the ears), but I found replacements (extra strong glue, paper towels and brown paper for the ears) and went about putting it all together. I made one for each of the kids and have to say I’m quite proud of the way they turned out. Plus, it was nice to bring a little bit of ‘home’ while I’m away.



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