Favourite Photogs: Sandra Juto


Sandra Juto is one of those ‘jack of all trades’ people. Not only does she take beautiful, colourful and simple photographs, she’s also an illustrator, a graphic designer and runs her own online shop, where she sells Wrist Worms. Now living in Berlin, Juto is originally from Sweden and her photographs are her snapshots of her day to day life. Whether it’s going out for coffee, for long walks, working in her studio or spending time with friends, she always has something to share. 


02aShe has a really great eye for colour and patterns and I really admire how she just takes photos of whatever she likes the look of. Food, buildings, tiles, graffiti, trees. It all makes the cut and her blog has become this wonderful collection of places she’s been to with details that you probably wouldn’t normally look at.  She’s also put together a guide to Berlin, another for Gothenburg and worked with Kinfolk on this








Things I’m Loving:

+ 100 footballers of 2013 – (Planning on spending an afternoon reading this.)
+ For your photographer friends – (I love it! More here. )
+ Sesame Street does Lord of the Rings – (Precious.)


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