Christmas DIYs


I’m not a big DIY-er when it comes to the every day things. Sure, I do a project here or there, but it’s not something I seek out. Christmas, however, tends to bring that out a bit more in me. My family’s pretty great about doing things together, especially this time of the year, whether it’s baking in the kitchen or else making Christmas ornaments or special tags for Christmas presents. Going the extra mile to add a little bit of something special.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Santas – These would be so much fun to either hang on the tree or else attach to Christmas gifts.
2. Christmas Card Wreath – A neat idea for all those Christmas cards you’ll be getting this season, without having them spread everywhere.
3. 20 Christmas Treats – ‘Tis the season.
4. Almond Bird Ornaments – Almost as fun as the walnut mice we have for our tree!


3 thoughts on “Christmas DIYs

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    That wreath is a cool idea – we would probably use it for all the pictures we get at Christmas.
    PK just put up the string for our cards so the wall is starting to look “Christmasy”.

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