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Mix: Joyeux Noel

joyeux noel

Since the calendar has officially flipped over into December, I’ve become a little behind when it comes to getting in the spirit of things. I’m blaming Madrid for this one. As someone who’s grown up with snow for Halloween, this +10C weather and lack of snow has everything thrown right off. However! Since I have noted the ‘problem’, I’m going to do everything I can to get into the swing of things. The first place I looked to? My iTunes. 

I grew up listening to carols sung by Crosby, Sinatra, Astaire, King Cole, Martin, the whole oldies gang. That’s still where I turn to when I really want to feel like I’m back at home and helping to decorate the house. Thrown in are a few others that I’ve picked up along the way. Plus The Muppets for good measure. You can listen to it over here. My favourite Christmas carol is tucked in at the bottom there. Silver Bells sung by Bing Crosby is the song I turn on when I’m feeling Christmas-y. Hopefully you’ll enjoy and have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the snow for me.



Things I’m Loving:

+ Nylon’s Gift Guide – (So much fun!)
+ About introverts – (A cute cartoon.)
+ 14 things journalists are thankful for – (The gif usage is well done.)
+ Gift ideas for bookworms – (I want them all!)


3 thoughts on “Mix: Joyeux Noel

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Wow, does your family have good taste in music;-)

    We will gladly share some of our cold if it would make you feel better. We have all 3 vehicles lined up in the driveway, extension cords everywhere so they can be plugged in!


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