Good Things


dot1 Found this flawless jacket for 10€ last weekend at El Rastro and have been wearing it constantly. (Can you tell I have a bit of an obsession?)

dot2 December is finally here and I’m getting into the Christmas swing of things with all the Christmas music!

dot3 New shoes. Also inexpensive. Also wearing constantly.

Dot4 I had a friend come over and we watched Corner Gas and then ate bacon and eggs. Not just good, perfect.




Things I’m Loving:

+ DIY Map Shelf – (I have a thing for maps.)
+ This outfit – (That jacket!)
+ Gift guide for photographers – (For those in your life.)
+ 20 things to say more often – (So adorable I can’t!)


8 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Wow, you are killing it! And talk about menswear inspired. 😉

    Love the jacket and the shoes. I need to start thrift shopping!

    • Look at me working past my blogger block. 😉 And menswear inspired is basically my middle name, fashion wise. Seriously my kryptonite. Thrift shopping is probably one of my favourite things. Plus, I think why I love El Rastro so much is because it’s every Sunday and if you go constantly, you start to get used to where things are and where to look for stuff. 🙂

      • Sometimes it just helps to knock something out, even if it’s not Pulitzer worthy. 😉

        I just have no patience to do thrift shopping in person. I get overwhelmed by rows and rows of clothing. (It’s why I can’t shop in, say, H&M, either.) I buy my things online, when I buy vintage.

        I’m sure there are markets in the city on Sunday, but I’ve honestly never gone to one! I really should!

        I want to go to El Rastro with you!!

      • I had actually planned to have this up last Friday and then one thing led to another and it just never happened. It’s the ‘I have things to post but no energy/initiative to post them’ which is just awful.

        I have to be in the right mood for it, otherwise it’s just useless. I go with friends on Sunday, which makes it a lot of fun and there’s no pressure to find any one specific thing.

        Go to a weekend market! A.) It would be a great blog post 😉 and B.) there are always so many fun and interesting things out there for you to find and that feeling when you do find them is just wonderful!

        Come visit me and we can go!!

      • I know. I’ve been getting home from work at 9, and getting up at 6 or 6:30, and, like, there’s just no time and I’m so tired and it’s just a blog no one reads, right? No, we have to. But if you actually have things to post, just do it when you can.

        Ooh, you’re right, it would be a fun post. I’ll have to wait till I have some money, or I’ll hate myself for doing it. 😉

        I really want to!

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