My Friends’ Closets

Stylish Friends - P
I saw the striped dress on Polyvore while bored a few days ago and realized it looked like one that my friend Patrice had worn on our trip to Valencia. If I had to pick one of my friends to label ‘effortlessly cool’, it would be her, hands down.  Lots of black and white, men’s wear and leather are what I find a lot of when I see her.  A little rock n’ roll, a dash of class and a whole lot of ‘I do what I want’. Which I find really freaking great.  And I would steal her shoes in a heartbeat.
Things I’m Loving: 
+ The bodies of Olympic Athletes – (So fascinating!)
+ Reading suggestions – (If you’ve been searching for what to pick up next.)
+ A drink to mix – (Because it’s Wednesday.)
+ A chart of arguments – (To use to your advantage.)

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