Favourite Photogs: Constantine Manos

438_NYC25232manos_medMy ‘Random Week of Attempting New Things’ will effectively be carrying on into this week, apparently. After realizing that I had no new photos to post after this last week/end and that I really can’t just abandon my blog until that happens, I figured why not talk about other people’s photography? One of the things that I haven’t done as well as I really should is look at the works of other photographers. It was something that my teachers at Loyalist always pressed on us and something that I’ve just not been wonderful at continually doing. This post (and the next one) are a bit of a cheat because I’ve known about them for ages, but! I will (hopefully) be including other photographers as I get into the swing of things.

Constantine Manos USA. Salisbury Beach, Florida. 2000.


nyc-smallI remember the first time I saw a photo by  Constantine Manos. I was in my History class at Loyalist and our teacher, Dan, was sharing his favourite photographer. He had Manos’s book ‘American Color’  and was passing it around the room and when I landed on my desk, I couldn’t stop staring at the colours. A few days later, I headed to the school library and checked the book out and kept it way past the return date, just looking at the pictures over and over. After that first semester, his pictures stuck with me even if I continually forgot his name. (Last year one of my classmates asked all of us who our favourite photographer was and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what his name was, only the bright colours and the shadows, how his photographs seemed to capture regular day-to-day activities.) I don’t know what that says about either how much I really do like him or my memory, but after I arrived in Madrid, I stumbled on his name and his photography once more and wrote a note in my phone in an effort to have my self remember his name. Naturally I forgot about that until I was going through old notes and, well, here we are. With me telling you I love his photography and yet can’t for the life of me remember who he is.

USA. New York City. 2004. Times Square.

constantine_manos copy


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