Good Things

Good Things


dot1  Two weeks ago, at El Rastro, I had lost/had my wallet stolen and this week, I went and picked it up at the Canadian embassy. A couple of euros lighter, naturally, but everything else still inside.



This last week I’ve found both Nylon (my favourite magazine of all time) and National Geographic in Madrid. #winning



My new favourite snack is pomegranates, natural yogurt and honey.

dot4The leaves these last few weeks have turned such beautiful colours and I’m loving walking around with all of them crunching under my feet.




Things I’m Loving:

+ For wine & coffee lovers – (Also lovers of charts.)
+ Best commercial – (Because why are all things for girls pink?)
+ 40 Thanksgiving recipes – (Or recipes for fall/winter.)
+ A calming song – (To wind you down from your week.)


2 thoughts on “Good Things

    • It was an amazing surprise to get it back! I didn’t have to get new ID or cards or buy a new wallet. And thank you! I had a lot of fun putting it together.

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