Something New

Rastro Outfit
This week is going to be a week of ‘trying new things’.  Because trying new things is like chicken soup and is good for the soul. Not only that, but I’m of the opinion that things should grow and change with you, and my blog should not be an exception.
This post might seem a bit out of left field. I mean, other than the occasional links to a shirt or a pair of shoes I’m lusting after, I don’t really talk fashion, mostly because that’s not what I’m here for. However, I’ve been kicking the idea around of doing one of these posts for the last couple of weeks and today I thought, “Well, why not?” So, we’re going to try this. Maybe it’ll stick around and I’ll do one of these once every week or so. Or maybe I’ll decide it’s not what I want to keep doing and this will fade into the background. But, I’d like to just test it out.
The idea behind this specific selection is from my experience the last two Sundays. Yesterday my friends and I ventured into the rainy afternoon to take advantage of the free museum entrances around Madrid. The week before, my friend and I hunted around El Rastro for several hours where we picked up some sweaters for the oncoming chilly weather.
For me, Sundays are just naturally comfy days, especially when it’s gross outside. Sweaters and well worn pants get that cozy chic look down pat. I have a tendency to go black with my ‘others’: my bag, my watch and my boots are all black. I’m simple/boring like that. A coloured scarf adds a pop of colour because I’m definitely not anti-colour and you’re set to spend your day either elbowing people out of the way or trying to keep your voice down while perusing anthropological treasures from South America.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Neil Gaiman on reading & its importance – (This is beautiful and true and so, so worth the read. And then pass it on.)
+ Wanderlust – (A playlist)
+ A cute video – (To put a smile on your face.)
+ Speaking of Neil Gaiman – (A short movie he wrote.)


4 thoughts on “Something New

    • You’re proud that I’ve succumbed to all things Polyvore and fashion inclined, eh? :p And you’ll have more moments to be proud, because I think this is going to stick around.

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