Spain, Valencia

Goodbye, Valencia


After hitting up Mercado Central, we went to La Lonja, which you’ll see is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.  Impressive hardly seems like it does the building justice.  While it’s not particularly interesting, per say (I think we were there all of 15 minutes),  the design and size of the building is really just…impressive. The columns reaching up to the ceiling as you enter the building, as well as the detail in the doorways and gold ceiling in the second room really are worth craning your neck to look at it all.





IMG_8907There was a lot of this string street art in Valencia.




IMG_8914Estacion del Norte 

IMG_8917We played with the idea of heading into the Plaza de Toros, but then decided not to after the price came up , 12€, which while not expensive, none of us were really super interested in seeing it,  we opted out and went for fro-yo across the street instead.


IMG_8926We waited until after 4pm to go visit the Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aquas and the Museo Nacional de Cerámica since it’s free on Saturdays. It would have been the 3€ entry fee, however. The interior is absolutely breathtaking, which isn’t entirely a surprise when you consider how extravagant the exterior is. There were murals on all of the ceilings and everything was so regal, you could almost see the people who had lived there once upon a time.








IMG_8951After the palace, we headed over to the Torres de Serranos and climbed all billion of the stairs. Which you might think is me exaggerating, but I’m really not. It wouldn’t have been so bad had there been handrails, but there weren’t and with how narrow the stairs are, we were definitely careful as we walked up and back down the stairs. The view, however, was worth the workout and we were there just as the sun was setting, which just made everything that much more breathtaking.






Things I’m Loving:

+ About coming out of the closet – (For straight people.)
+ 20 Oh Sh*t Moments While Backpacking – (#18 describes my first two weeks in Taiwan.)
+ DIY clock – (A thing I want for my future home.)
+ Classy grilled cheese sammies – (To move out of that Kraft Singles phase.)


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