Madrid, Spain

Museo del Prado

433d416c3f3f11e39a6e22000a1fab27_8Sunday was going to be a ‘hang out at home in my pajamas and watch TV’ kind of day. Then I got asked if I wanted to head to the Museo del Prado. For free. To which I said yes because spending a Sunday evening in a museum actually sounds like the kind of thing I would love to do. Immediately after the above photo was taken, a museum attendant scolded me in rapid Spanish about taking pictures and how it was a thing I was not supposed to be doing. Whoops!

IMG_8746We ended up unintentionally splitting up at one point inside the museum and Lauren and I quickly realized that we weren’t entirely in museum perusing mood. Between the two of us, we managed to get ridiculously lost, giggled uncontrollably between ourselves at several paintings and both muttered about how hungry we were. I promise that I, at least, am not normally so terrible in museums. I’d blame Lauren, but I’m pretty sure she also blames me, so I think what we really need is a rainy day to head back in and calmly make our way to the rest of the levels and properly look at the fascinating art in there. (And if anyone knows how I can get my hands on some of those tables, let me know, yeah? They’d look perfect in whatever future home I’ll eventually inhabit.)



IMG_8751Madrid at night is easily one of my favourite things. Most days I don’t venture out into the city centre if I have to work the next morning, only because the trip there/back can seem to take ages, but on the nights that I do, I don’t regret it at all. There are people everywhere, having dinner and smoking cigarettes outside restaurants, laughing and talking loudly and rushing across the street as the walking man flashes his warning sign. The lights on the buildings just give it that perfect, romantic movie-esque feeling and you’re almost certain someone has to be running around with a movie camera, capturing it all. And who could blame them? Certainly not me.


IMG_8758 copy

Things I’m Loving:

+ Alternate Star Wars – ( But where would the fun in that be?)
+ Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop – (Some advice.)
+ Did anyone else catch Real Madrid’s match last night? – (Because it was awesome.)
+ An idea – (Look for a future blog post.)


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