Madrid, Spain

“Real Madrid is a global idea, something that is worth all the effort.”


This weekend was all about meeting and making new friends. Which is great because I like people and meeting new people is awesome, especially new people with shared interests. Saturday was El Clasico aka Not a Good Day for Livers Everywhere. I met up with Melissa, a fellow Madridista, at the Santiago Bernabéu on Saturday afternoon for the tour and then to watch the match at a nearby restaurant where we sat among other fans and all took part in yelling at the TV together. Bonding at its finest. 



To be honest, I don’t know what to say of the tour/Bernabéu other than the fact that that it’s huge and actually a little intimidating. I can’t even imagine what it would look and sound like on game day, especially a big game day. The sound and atmosphere must just be incredible and yes, I am working on getting to be a part of that.




Melissa and I actually had a really great time going through the tour together. I had actually talked about doing it with some other friends, though they’re not Real Madrid fans, which, now that I’ve been, might be alright. However, going with someone who also thinks it’s mildly amusing that Benzema’s locker is by its lonesome now that Kaká and Özil are gone gave the tour that extra something. (Benzema’s lonely locker still gives me sad feels, however.) Or else how Diego Lopez’s locker is the furthest away from Iker’s.  Or how Xabi’s locker is right by all castilla player’s lockers , well, and Arbeloa’s, and how it’s to keep everyone in line. People who don’t watch or love this team like I do wouldn’t understand the subtle amusement of something like that and that just made the tour so much more enjoyable.








The trophy room was impressive. And I mean impressive. Which isn’t a surprise considering the fact that Real Madrid actually have a trophy that FIFA gave them in 2000 for being the best club of the century. Which, the plaque is quick to note, Real Madrid is the only one to get. Oh you guys. All head shaking aside, Real Madrid’s achievements are really impressive and seeing all that impressiveness in person, in the form of actual trophies and awards just reminds you of how much this club has accomplished in 111 years. Melissa and I did joke that FIFA (or someone) should give them an award for having the tackiest trophies known to man. Between the best club of the century, the one Di Stefano won (another ‘only one in the world’ kind of trophy) which I apparently didn’t take a photo of and then the one that Real Madrid gives out at an invite only match are all just….they’re all very Real Madrid, is what I’m saying.


Probably one of my favourite things of the tour was the interactive features. After this panel of video, which went through different big wins, fans cheering, famous goals,  famous players, etc., there were also touch screens where you could go through all those things. There were newspaper clippings, photographs and video that you could look through of every one of Real Madrid’s wins. From Copa del Rey to UEFA’s Champion’s League wins. You could select, move them across the screen, make them bigger, fast forward, rewind, all of that stuff. It was really, really neat and we had a lot of fun looking through all those things. (They did not, however, include Sergio dropping the Copa, which I thought was a huge over sight.)



As much as I love the crest in it’s current form, I am really digging the purple version, sans crown. Probably because I’m rather fond of this kit and it just seems to match our rather out there personality as a club. After wandering through the stadium for almost two hours, Melissa and I headed down the block where we had a late lunch/early dinner and proceeded to yell loudly at the TV and the ref and slap hands on the table and generally be very frustrated because that’s football for you. We lost, for those of you who don’t watch. Which didn’t really surprise us and I won’t go into my whole monologue about referees and players who need to learn how to score because you guys don’t deserve that.  Hopefully within the next few months, I’ll get to make my way in there while there’s a match on and at that point in time, the post will most likely be a handful of ineligible caps and exclamation points. Just to give you a heads up.


And naturally, no tour at the stadium would be complete without a stop at the gift shop. Where the only thing I could conceivably afford was this mug. Which is actually totally fine because I needed a mug for my tea anyways. Super blue and pretty and the bottom says, ‘I WAS HERE in Madrid.”  I guess that makes it official.

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Things I’m Loving:

+ Pumpkin ice cream – (Need I say more?)
+ Three rules of work – (A quote.)
+ This ear cuff – (Perfection, really.)
+ A dutch braid – (To try something new.)


5 thoughts on ““Real Madrid is a global idea, something that is worth all the effort.”

  1. So jealous!! I was so super sad I did not have time to do the stadium tour. Obviously, I need to go back. And the mug I got is one of my treasured possessions!!

    • Well, now that I’m here, you have a ridiculously good reason to come visit Madrid again and we can go together, both the tour AND a match! The family had a good chuckle when they found my new mug in the cabinet. 🙂

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