About Food Photography

IMG_8644Oh, you don’t take pictures of your food when you cook? I thought that that was a thing that people normally did. Stir, flip, click. Add ingredients, adjust a setting or two quickly, take a couple of shots. Rinse, repeat.  There’s so many things to love about cooking. It’s soothing and colourful. You can be creative, add or subtract or substitute from a prescribed method of doing things.  At the end of it, you also get something to eat, which is something I’m always about. Not only that, there’s also so much to capture.


Colour, shape and texture are all so readily present when you’re cooking. How ingredients change as they’re exposed to heat, to liquids, to each other. The way steam rises or oil bubbles or food browns. How round meets straight and messes are made and things drip or spill or tip over. These are all things that you can capture, either up close, from further way, on level, from up above. The opportunities and ideas are endless and as you make and remake recipes and meals, you learn how something will look and how you want to capture it and how to make it look the most striking.



Natural light + food = magic. That’s a mathematical fact. Not one that you’ll be able to dig out from a math text, unfortunately. But natural light has this sort of crazy magical power that touches things with a special kind of brilliance. It also means you don’t have to mess around with a flash and adjust too much as you try and get things just right.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Music for those pirates out there – (And whoever wants to sail the high seas.)
+ Shelf life of food – (A handy guide.)
+ A heartbreaking story
+ Adventures of a Serial Trespasser – (Stunning photographs of forgotten places.)


3 thoughts on “About Food Photography

  1. Jess A says:

    Awesome food photos AND the forgotten places photography is soooo cool (and, for someone who is terrified of heights, like yours truly, terrifying). Very cool.

  2. Maman Jac-o says:

    You continue to amaze PK. It seems that each time he sits down with the laptop, he says “Man, she takes such good pictures!”. I have to say, I agree!

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