French Toast for Fall

IMG_8610I discovered a container of maple syrup in the fridge a couple of weeks ago. Not entirely sure how old it is, but it didn’t taste/smell off, so I decided to make the one thing that goes hand in hand with maple syrup: French toast. While some, or well, most people I know love pancakes. there is me. I am that person who will accept them, but would actually rather prefer if you cracked a couple of eggs, whisked in some milk, added some cinnamon and flavoured it all with vanilla before you dunked bread in it.

IMG_8627There’s just something so perfect about the combination, hot bread with cinnamon, topped off with maple syrup. It’s one of those comfort foods I turn to , something that always manages to make me feel better. Add some bananas and that’s just heaven on a platter.


Things I’m Loving:

+ Sign up for this – (News right to your inbox.)
+ Fall fashion – (And for eating in restaurants.)
+ Fall food – (I want to make this. ASAP.)
+ This desk is adorable – (I wouldn’t say no.)


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