Real Quick



Summer stuck around for weeks after I’d normally be wearing pants and sweaters, which means my wardrobe and I are a little confused and not quite sure how to feel about having to wear socks again. If you’re Canadian, you know that there are four seasons: summer is two months, fall is another two months, spring is around for about a week and then winter hangs out for the other 35 weeks of the year.  Which means I should be used to cold weather and the clothing that comes with it. Except six months of summer, like I got this year, just threw that right out of whack and now I’m trying to recalibrate myself. Let’s be honest though: my next winter in Canada is going to be really tough and everyone’s going to mock me for my inability to handle cold weather. But! Things that the cooler weather also brings, other than my apparent lack of Canadian ‘I don’t feel the cold’-ness is tea. And being able to order hot chai instead of iced chai.  Obviously I look forward to the small things in life.

Things I’m Loving:

+ About Spain – (By a tumblr user, lolzy and three months in Spain have taught me several of these)
+ Lessons from Jane Eyre – (Spoiler alerts and stuff.)
+ A fall playlist – (Because it’s fall. And I like playlists.)
+ This idea for a family costume – (If you’re looking for ideas.)


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