Pizza Night


Good things: pizza nights. Great things: pizza nights with friends and Finnish rap. (Not kidding about the Finnish rap though. Like I figured German rap would end up being my downfall and then BAM! this came up and I never saw it coming.) Since starting my Spanish classes, I’ve been fortunate to meet several other au pairs, all from different countries and we got together for what was supposed to be a pizza and movie night. But after we all made playlists of music from our respective countries, we got a little distracted and ended up on YouTube for a couple of hours. (Can you blame us though?)



Along with their music, everyone brought pizza toppings and we spent a couple of hours combining tuna and pineapple with mushrooms and cheese and who knew that would taste so good? But it does, I promise. There was also your traditional ham and cheese, a little bit of black olives on the half of this one and another one with meatballs and corn and all of a sudden what I defined pizza as took a whole new meaning and I realized you don’t really need to step outside of your kitchen to experience food in a new way. Maybe you just need to invite someone new into your kitchen.




Things I’m Loving:

+ Things journalists love – (
+ A place to submit writing – (If you’re writer.)
+ Good morning – (How to have one.)
+ This blog – (Because she’s sweet and lovely and is learning French and super enthusiastic and what more can you want?)


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