Au Pairing

Au Pair Lessons: Take Lessons (or do something)


Do you know how hard it is to just ‘meet people’? I mean on your own, jus going out and doing things and hoping that, maybe you’ll end up reading the same book as the person across from you on the metro or that you’ll get your drink mixed up with someone else and find out that, oh! they speak English too! It is hard. Meeting new people if you don’t go to school or don’t play organized sports or don’t work outside of the home is mother freaking hard. The thing is, you can trick yourself into thinking you’ll meet new people (by you I mean me, I always mean me). That you’ll put yourself out there and do things and say hi if you hear someone talking while waiting for the metro. But, it’s not always that easy. Because you need somewhere to start. That one link. That thing that gives you a starting point to talk in a way that doesn’t have them side eying you and thinking you might just be hovering over that not entirely normal line.

My suggestion? Join something. Anything. A knitting club. A photography group. A tea lover’s meetup. The internet is overflowing with different sites that cater to expats and they should be taken advantage of. Me? I joined a Spanish class. Where I am the person who knows the least amount of Spanish and spend two hours being lost and filling in random assignment sheets. I’m sure it will help and one day it’ll click and that will be great. What’s even greater than that is that I’ve found five other au pairs in my class.

In the last  week I’ve gone out for lunch, gone out for coffee (twice) and spent the afternoon in Madrid where we had lunch and got caught in the rain and got slightly lost and ate fro yo and just things that are okay to do by yourself but even more fun to do with other people. Finding other au pairs as friends is also great because it means that you automatically have two things in common: being new to wherever you are and being au pairs. It also means they get all that stuff that drives you insane and they can say that yes, their families do the exact. same. things. and you feel a lot less crazy after that.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Long reads – (To read over your coffee.)
+ Solo Female Traveler Manifesto – (For all of us out there.)
+ Spaceship size comparison – (For the sci-fi lovers out there.)
+ This DIY – (If you need an extra shelf.)



3 thoughts on “Au Pair Lessons: Take Lessons (or do something)

  1. You’re reminding me of my 20s, after a breakup, in a big city. I took tennis lessons. And met my “going out” buddy. We saw each other through some very fun times in a big city for a couple of years. I agree with you–worth the time and risk to put yourself out there!

    • A city is always so much more fun to explore and discover if you have someone to share it with, that’s for sure! And there’s always something that you wouldn’t have tried/seen/done if you’d been by yourself.

  2. It’s so hard under all circumstances, once you’re out of school. I seem to have lost more friends in the past few years than I made. The deficit is starting to add up!! :/

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