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My last day in London was spent at the National Maritime Museum. Now, I have a working theory that, in a past life or alternate universe or YA steampunk British novel, I would have been one of those female characters that either snuck onto a ship  and ‘learned the ropes’ (my puns are as bad as my mother’s) and later on had her own crew or was adopted by a pirate as a baby and lived on boats her entire life. Yes, this is a thing I have actually put thought into, which is what happens when you grow up on a diet of books and living in Saskatchewan where there is no ocean. Which is all to say: I absolutely loved it and probably could have spent all day there if I had had the chance. 




I didn’t take any photos of them, but what I loved about the Maritime Museum was how interactive it is. Which is something you (or I) would expect from the Science Museum, but not quite as much from a museum dedicated to seafaring. To my surprise/pleasure, they do. Around the museum you can grab a little card to carry with you through the displays where, at various points, is a stamper-thing. You slide the card in and it leaves a symbol on it. When you head home you can log online and learn more about each of the different displays.  We didn’t get to use the Great Map, but it looks really interesting and I kind of wish we had been able to. There are also spots with a sort of ‘fun fact’ element where they have questions about natural remedies that were used with slides that pull out with information about each of the answers.



One of my other favourite things about the museum was the gift shop. (I am a huge sucker for gift shops.) Because they have things like this. And this. Also Breton caps and tea towels and those are things that I need in my life.


And with that, we are finished with my trip to London!  I’m going to have a round up post with everything next week to sum it all up and then we are done with London and moving on to Spain and guys: Spain is worth moving on for. I promise.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This song – (For being beautiful.)
+ 10 things – (To help make you happier. Backed by science.)
+ Another 10 things  – (While people may like pumpkin, I prefer apples.)
+ A DIY – (For map lovers.)


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