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Odds & Ends


I can’t resist taking pictures of Canadian flags. It’s like capturing little bits of home, in a round about, kind of weird way. Though, to really capture home, I’d do it sporting this. Even if summer is coming to a close. Speaking of: second last post on London. Where I put pictures that really don’t belong anywhere but I still want to share because I hate having loose ends. 





So many good t-shirts for my family that I left in London and instead took pictures off. I feel like there should be a sign that goes along the lines of, “My sister went to London and all I got was a picture of this lousy t-shirt.” Someone should get on that.





And in a weird coincidence, when I posted about our trip to the Science Museum yesterday, I posted a picture of the Foucault pendulum. Well, today happens to be the birthday of Leon Foucault who invented it. If only I hadn’t been so on top of posting, I would have posted that post today and it would have been perfect. As it is, we’ll make do with this ‘I almost got it’.


Things I’m Loving:

+ 31 beautiful sights – (To add to your ‘to see’ list.)
+ The crack of doom – (Sums me up perfectly.)
+ Since it’s pumpkin season – (Something for your coffee.)
+ Minor hockey – (Really for the kids.)


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