RL Tidbits

Whenever a female says she’s a fan of a male actor/athlete/person in general and the first question to be asked is, ‘Is it because he’s good looking?” :

Misc. - TV Shows - tired of your bs

RB - Gail - your bs hurts me

RM - Cris - DNWThe amount of feels I have on this subject are a great many because why does it matter? Why? Is my opinion on said person then validated if you happen to think it’s because I think they’re attractive? As if that would explain why I would be interested in a movie/sport/whatever other thing it may happen to be? Because you know what, maybe I do find them attractive. But that has absolutely no factor on whether or not I can appreciate things like, oh, I don’t know, talent, skill and hard work.  Not to mention, there is no way I would keep up with a sport just because I think a player or two are attractive. Do you know how much work that requires?

What annoys me even more than that is when it’s directed at younger girls. So she likes One Direction. Don’t immediately make it about whether it’s because she thinks the group members are cute. Make it because she likes the music. Not only are females more than our looks, we also happen to be deeper than other people’s looks as well, thanks.


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