Au Pairing

Au Pair Lessons: Stay Busy

89b083621de211e3a77722000a1fbc49_7I need structure. I need a busy schedule and places to be and things to do and dates and times and something marked on my calendar for most days of the week. I need to have to schedule in days off and time to do ‘other things’. I need to be busy. The thing is, after dropping the kids off at school at 9 am and between picking them up after 5pm, I don’t have a whole lot on the books to keep me busy. I also find it really hard to hold myself to getting things done, since I always know that I can, “Do it tomorrow.”

The thing is, tomorrow becomes three days from now and a week from now and two weeks from now. It’s a terrible, awful habit and ends up being ridiculously difficult to get out of once you’re in that rut. The thing is, too, is that you have to balance between what I wrote in my last post about taking your time to explore your new surroundings and actively filling your time with things that are somewhat productive. For me, it’s making sure I get out to the basketball courts nearby two or three times during the week after I drop the kids off from school and shooting hoops for an hour or so.  Knowing that there are bananas that need to be used up and making banana muffins one afternoon. Spending a day writing letters and buying stamps. I’ve gotten rusty with my photography skills over the last few months, so I’m hoping to start setting up and photographing props and getting back into practice.

It’s not easy, but it will be worth it and, as you start meeting people and really filling up your schedule, you’ll be glad you took this time before to start getting into a rhythm.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This playlist – (To get your week started off on the right foot.)
+ These people – (For being inspiring.)
+ These costume swaps – (Because princesses don’t just wear dresses.)
+ Girl code rules – (To give you a chuckle.)


One thought on “Au Pair Lessons: Stay Busy

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    When you get a vehicle, we need get you plates that read “O Wise 1 – 2”! Very good advice…hopefully you are taking it!

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