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We’re almost through with London, I promise. We should be done by the middle of next week and then we can move onto other things. What those things are, I’m not quite entirely sure yet, but it’ll be good!  The 28th had us going out for coffee at Street Coffee which was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday.  After slowly sipping our caffeine, we headed to Postman’s Park for a walk around as well as checking out the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. 







We didn’t really do anything for the next few days (at least not that I have photos/info of and I’m pretty good about taking at least a photo a day sooo…). The 31st I ventured out by myself (small town girl taking on the big city!) and visited Big Ben and the parliament buildings, all that good stuff. I’m also pretty positive that the photo below isn’t from that day, but, once again, the info’s all messed up, so it’s just there because it’s pretty and I like it.







I was actually supposed to meet up with a friend for coffee, but we ended up getting our wires crossed and we didn’t end up getting to meet. However, I did get to check out a really cool bookstore, drink good coffee and read The Life of Pi, so I really can’t complain. I spent the afternoon at Woolfson & Tay, which is small but still feels open and has a great selection of books, which I would have bought if I had had the space. Fortunately for my bag, I resisted.


Things I’m Loving:

+  This TV show – (Yes, it’s a couple of seasons old. Which just makes rewatching a lot of fun!)
+ This article – (Mathematics in football. What more can you want?)
+ This site – (To help you with those pesky stains.)
+ These ideas – (Because fall is just around the corner.)



2 thoughts on “Coffee & Bookshops

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Great pictures yet again! Too bad about crossed wires but it’s amazing how good stuff can always come out of that. Big hugs:-)

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