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Taking Things Slow



We didn’t wander too far on this trip out, partly because my feet hurt but mostly because I hadn’t really stopped moving in almost two weeks, between leaving France and getting back to London. So, we gazed upon Tower Bridge and wandered around Shoreditch. 








I’m like a magnet for ships and flags guys. If there’s one in the area, I will find it and then take a ridiculous amount of pictures to share with you all. I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that I was a sailor in a past life.









Old(er) buildings have so much character and I love that about them. They always have so many windows and so many shapes incorporated into them. I love looking at the ways lines, shapes and textures all end up making them so unique and interesting to look at.




We forgot to pack a lunch, plus I was doing my, “It’s hot out and I don’t have a water bottle,” routine, so we popped into Tesco to get water and then decided to do their 3 for £3 deal and had lunch sitting on concrete benches in the shade in an empty business area. Which was kind of nice,  in a, “I have mayo leaking out of my noodle salad onto my clothes,’ kind of way.


Things I’m Loving:

+ Talking to your kids about their taste in music – (All kids should know the Macarena, is all I’m saying.)
+ This blog – (Especially this post for any of you interested in Canadian footie.)
+ This round up – (Because smart football journalism exists and here’s some for your hump day.)
+ This mix – (To get you through hump day.)


One thought on “Taking Things Slow

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Kinda of deja-vu with those older buildings looking like some of the ones you “shot” in Sweden!!

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