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It’s All a Bit of a Circus


Lessons learned: don’t make a visit to Buckingham Palace while the public is waiting for the name of a new royal. There were media tents and police everywhere, the crowds where choking the street and blocking traffic and getting a decent view of anything was near impossible. Which we didn’t stop to think about before we headed out and I guess that’s what you get when you don’t stop and think for thirty seconds.  (We learned later that evening or maybe the day after that his name was George. Ah, if only we had had patience.) 

I’m back with maps! Because maps are awesome and also because I haven’t really stopped to look at all the area I covered and I’m interested in that. Day two is sketched out up above and, as per usual, the accompanying pictures are below, for the most part in order as they appear on the map. Also: there’s kind of ridiculous amount of pictures of the London Eye, for reasons I don’t really understand but probably has to do with the fact that I was shooting with a wide angle lens and that just gets fun.









Not only were there people everywhere, but in true English fashion, it ended up raining. Which actually wasn’t half bad, except for the fact that it didn’t do anything for the humidity sitting heavily in the air. Instead, it just seemed to make it thicker and guys: I grew up in Saskatchewan. Nowhere near large bodies of water and this humidity thing is confusing to my brain because why is there so much water in the air and why do I feel like drowning? (These are actual thoughts I think whenever I end up in a humid place as I sit there, trying to breathe through all the water.)







More ‘lunch on the Met steps‘, as I ended up calling our picnics during my time there. Mostly because they ended up being on steps of various museums and it was the first thing that popped into mind that second day. We ate at Trafalgar Square, where I blinked in the very super bright sunlight before heading over to Leicester Square where we sat in the shade for a bit before taking the walk down the road to  Piccadilly Circus where I got my picture taken, like a typical tourist, which I am, sadly, not sharing because my smile was just painfully unfortunate. Then we headed down Regent Street, popped into Anthropologie where I gazed at prettily wrapped soaps and delicious looking cookbooks. Then I got my way and we popped into M&M’s World where I wanted all of the M&M colours and was talked out of buying ridiculous pillows. Right yes: my mom also suggested a stop off at the Canadian consulate, if only because I had a right to be there and you know? She had a point. It was kind of nice. Even just to see all those maple leaves blowing in the breeze outside.










Now for all those London Eye photos. Because I’m an easily excited tourist and I do what I want. Really though, it was super lovely and I got to meet some new friends and we strolled across South Bank as it got dark before finally calling it a night and heading to take the train back.






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