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A Visit to the Lanes


Today’s post is going to be kept short and sweet because it’s Friday and it’s 18:30 here, which is later than I normally work on posts, so not only is it Friday and definitely five o’clock somewhere, it’s past five o’clock here and I keep telling myself I’m going to start reading the 19080234 guide books/pamphlets I have on Madrid so I can start exploring. (What I’ll actually be doing is wondering why Twitter won’t update more quickly and then see what shows I still need to catch up on.  As my friends and my sister keep saying: the life I lead is a hard one.) 

Because I knew that my memory would, at some point, give out and I’d be too lazy to go through my photos and try and remember where, exactly, this, that or the other photo was taken, I did that grown up thing where I wrote things down. Unfortunately, the dates on my pictures (because remember, my camera did that weird thing where it adjusted the dates on my photos without me knowing?) still don’t match and I’m just shooting in the dark today because of reasons being: it’s Friday and ain’t nobody got time for that. I cross my heart that I’ll have it all sorted out for next week and you’ll never hear me complain about this again. (Or at least until the next time it happens.)

Anyways, what I have written down for 20 July was that we headed to Petticoat and Brick Lane. It also says we went to Borough Market but that it was closed. (There are just arrows everywhere because we weren’t always sure what happened which day and then the  words HAD PIZZA!!!! scrawled because I was so excited to have fast food again, so if you’re slightly confused, it’s alright. Because I am as well and I’m the one who actually wrote this down and took these pictures.)










I have a thing for bookshops. As you already know. And continue to witness as I visited approximately 1324543 bookstores during my time there. Though that’s just a guess-timate.








It was our first day back from Sweden and, honestly, I think we were a little tired, it was hot out and I was missing my water bottle. For some reason I thought we’d taken more graffiti pictures than that because we have a tendency to take pictures of things like that, but I guess that’s all I have. (Just you wait until I stumble upon more hiding on my memory card or laptop and go surprise! I lied! At least this is me warning you that that will probably happen.) Like I said: short and sweet and I promise that me and my maps and my ridiculous rambling will be back in full force next week!


Things I’m Loving:

+ Literature inspired – (Because who wouldn’t want to wear those?)
+ Stop motion video instagram – (How adorable are these?!)
+ About the no. 6 position – (Football tactics. #andstuff)
+ Celebrities as Disney characters – (Here for Olivia Wilde tbh. And Annie Leibovitz, obvs.)


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