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This is a Swedish Food Post


Sweden knows how to do a lot of things right. Music (ABBA, The Cardigans, Opeth, Lykke Li, Tove Styrke, Swedish House Mafia, Icona Pop, Robyn), fashion (H&M, these people, these other people and that girl we saw at 5:40 in the morning riding her bike looking more put together than anyone has a right to at that time of the day), design (I mean really: Ikea. There’s more, loads more, but that’s all I really need to prove my point.),  they’ve got some flawless athletes (TBH, I just put this here because: Zlatan. Also: Björn Borg. (He’s the one on the left. Obvs.)) and then there’s food.  Swedish meatballs, guys. Like, c’mon! 


IMG625We bought this bread my first day out and if photos could capture a smell, I would do that for you guys. I probably wouldn’t share it because it was that delicious, but I would at least let you smell it.



This was probably one of my favourite meals that I had while I was there. New potatoes with butter and pepper. Eggs and caviar. Various fish with their various sauces. (My favourite was the dill one. So delicious I cannot.) Tomatoes and radishes.




IMG800Probably the best fish soup I have ever had. Not that I have a lot of experience with fish soup, but this one definitely takes the….bowl?

IMG921Okay, so this isn’t Swedish, it’s Greek. But Agneta is Swedish and we were in Sweden, so it’s going to count. And it was delicious, so it counts even more.

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One thought on “This is a Swedish Food Post

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    They look very yummy! You know, there’s a demand for photographers who can do a good job of capturing food on film!

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