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Goodbye Copenhagen


If you like food (which, really, should be everybody because otherwise I don’t know how this friendship is going to work) and you’re in Copenhagen, you need to check out Torvehallerne. When I say ‘need’, I don’t say it in a casual, ‘if you want to’ kind of way. I mean it in a ‘you’ll be missing out on pretty things and food if you don’t’ kind of way. 











Why yes, I had barely just left France and yet, there I was, buying pain au chocolat as if I was still there. Old habits die hard.




This store is basically everything that is perfect and beautiful and right in life. Stelling Papir & Penne is that whole art supplies and Moleskine books and every type of paper under the sun kind of store. Where I would have spent all of my money if I had had any left at that point.





I’ve looked online and I can’t seem to find any information on these pieces, which is sad. Wondering if anyone else noticed that the ‘M’ on the bag should probably be upside down rather than right side up?




Right. Joe & the  Juice. We’d seen that very…opinionated sticker in several places and decided that we should check it out. The one we went to is attached to Magasin, which puts out this super great free tour guide magazine that we picked up and perused while we were there. I can’t remember which juices we got, but they were really good and the guy who served us was from England and was really sweet. Asked us how we liked Copenhagen, how long we were there for and, when I went back to ask for directions to the train station, was willing to give me directions to where I could buy pot. Now that is customer service.


Fact: I’m actually 12 years old on in the inside and would have spent a frightening amount of time (more than we ended up spending) at the Disney Store if Vimbai hadn’t pulled me away. Because it was SUPER AWESOME and dude. Marvel swimwear. Who doesn’t need that in their life? Other fact: I will forever be upset that they don’t design Iron Man/Captain America/Spiderman/etc. theme clothing for girls. #lotsoffeels

Not included in photos is Plakat Shop which is this super great shop if you like art and prints and posters and postcards. It’s quite large and has a huge selection, though the postcard prices were a bit steep for us, not to mention not your usual ‘Copenhagen’ style postcards, which was more what we were looking for. Still really interesting to stop in and take a look!

(Again, for some reason that I can’t seem to solve, Google Maps won’t embed all the places properly. Here they are if you’re interested.) 



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One thought on “Goodbye Copenhagen

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Cool pics – yet again – tour agency/postcard stuff…that’s just my unbiased opinion:-)

    Glad to share in the stories of your travels…though am a “little” jealous.

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