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Churchyards & Coffee


My second day in Sweden taught me that my sense of direction (or, rather, lack thereof) is most likely genetic since Agneta and I spent two-ish hours driving around this area trying to find the church where some distant relatives are buried.  We did eventually find it, and the church is small but gorgeous. 





There’s also a small coffee shop in Sönnarslöv that supposedly makes great coffee. However, they’re also only open on the weekends, as the sign reads below,  though the couple who owns it did point us in the direction of another place to have our afternoon cup.



Before we made it to coffee, however, we took a bit of a detour and found the farmhouse where great-great grandparents lived and worked. Agenta has spent years researching our family tree and finding out where family has lived and started from, names and dates and stories, which really are fascinating and getting the chance to be able to see these places, while maybe not up close and personal, but even just being there, was so, so interesting and I’m thankful that, not only was Agneta willing to have me visit but also to share all of what she knows with me.



After finding the farmhouse, we then went in search of Klåveröds, which is so, so worth the visit. (Check the reviews if you want more proof.) Between it being a beyond charming farmhouse with some of the most delicious food posing as art, being a hostel to stumble upon as you’re hiking through Skåne, they also make their own mugs/bowls/coffee cups. Which, naturally, I wanted because: filling my future apartment now is a great idea, right? Except shipping pricing is terrifying. Next time, next time.






As we were driving back to Lund, we passed fields and fields that reminded me so much of being back home in Saskatchewan, if you didn’t know where this was taken, you wouldn’t have been able to tell.


Things I’m Loving:

+ This mod dress tutorial – (One of these days I’ll get a sewing machine and actually make these.)
+ This drink – (For the weekend.)
+ This outfit – (For a hot summer weekend. But maybe a budgeted version.)
+ Recipe generator – (If you’ve been running out of ideas lately.)


3 thoughts on “Churchyards & Coffee

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Loved the look of the church’s cemetery…someone obviously takes good care of it!
    Can relate to the SK comparison…no kidding those pics look like our fields right at this minute!

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