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Flags, Food & Palm Trees


This will be a quick post, I promise. I’m working on sorting out posts for the next few days, since I leave Monday (!!!) for Spain. Twenty-four hours by bus through England, France and Spain. WHO’S EXCITED? Before that happens, however, we have to get through Sweden (and then London).  The great thing about Sweden is that it is so freaking photogenic it did most of the work for me.  Note: I have a thing for water and flags. And Helsingborg had pleeeenty of both. 





(I was actually not lying about the flags. Flags. Everywhere.)







All along the seaside there’s restaurant on restaurant next to restaurant adjacent to restaurant. Even though they’re up in the north, there’s something about just being next to the ocean that always brings out the sort of laid back, beachy, hang loose kind of feeling. I mean, the palm trees they imported several years back that, surprisingly, didn’t die don’t hurt, either.



We had only had our coffee and pastries and forgone lunch, so by the time we found a restaurant and sat down to eat, our stomaches (by that I mean: my stomach) was having a full blown conversation along the lines of, “I am very hungry and you’re not feeding me, which I do not appreciate.”  Dinner was fjällröding, with new potatoes, carrots and onions, garnished with dill and so ridiculously delicious it almost hurt. In that good way that good food makes you so happy you almost ache as you clean your plate.



After dinner,  we walked back to the car and past the awesome public athletic space. Work out bikes, basketball hoops,  jungle gyms and grass to play football are available. Just one of the reasons that Sweden has basically become one of my favourite places on the planet because: work out spaces outside by the ocean for everyone to use? Count me right in.



Things I’m Loving:

+ These prints – (I want those napkins.)
+ These summery photos – (For their sunny-ness.)
+ How adorable is this? – (I can’t remember being able to sell lemonade for that much though…)
+ These would help you cool down – (Great for a hot weekend.)
+ The world’s thinnest house – (To make you think about space.)


3 thoughts on “Flags, Food & Palm Trees

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Is this “flag fetish” something we should be worried about?!
    Seriously though, great pictures, yet again:-)

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